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Hi all you beautiful people , here is my website with a mixture of al kinds of rare vintage clothing and occasional some new products I collected over the years.

Mostly exclusive stuff you won't find easy.

mostly sneakers , t-Shirts and best company.

All original unless stated different.

Sold before on Ebay and other platforms as a hobby but now making my own business out of it.

also open for offers!


Hope you will enjoy seeing and find some things you will like.

I'm trying to find more and more exclusive stuff to share and sell so hope there is anything to find for you!


Will try to ship worldwide asap after payment and of course hope the items will arrive sooni

(Let me know when you country is not in the shipping option for the rates)

I try to recycle as much as I can so some items will arrive in used boxes.



Thanks so much for looking here!

I Will ship on Mondays and Fridays.


Will get more professional as we go.

Which vintage brand you love the most?

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Please notice most items are used or vintage and could have some wear , shrunk or are faded.

Also some items can be unused or new.

Read the description carefully before you will purchase your favourite item(s)!