Lot Rap Vinyl , MC Hammer,Double The Lord is Rap,DeeJay Rap Compilation<Big Daan Kane 12 inch.

Item number: 637

*0' and 90's Rap Vinyl's.

1- Mc Hammer Please Hammer don't Hurt them. 1990 in good condition. Used but clean playable vinyl.

2- DeeJay Rap Compilation with Run DMC , LL Cool J , Mantronix and other 80's Rap songs. Well used but still playable and damage on cover. 1988.

3-The Lord Is Rap Compilation 2x vinyl. Whodini , Kool Moe Dee , Mr Lee , Steady B. and others. 80's. Used but very good playable.

4-Big Daddy Kane 12 inch. Cause i Can Do it Right and Dance with The Devil. Mint condition.

Get the Party Starting right.