9 x DJ Members Only 33.5 Rpm Vinyl albums.

Item number: 767

Great 9 x 80's compilations for DJ Members Only.

The most exclusive club in the Disco world.
They have been in storage so the covers and sleeves not in the best conditions but all the vinyls are in mint condition.
No scratches and marks ...actually looks like never been played.
1- February 86 Previews.
2- July 86 Previews.
3- September 86 Previews.
4- August 86 Previews.
5- August 86 International.
6- June 86 Previews.
7- July 86 International.
8- April 88 Previews.
9- March 88 Previews.
Track lists from the records are shown in the pictures.
From Whodunit to killing Joke and everything in between.
On the previews are full tracks and on the International one are mixes.
From 2 albums are the inside sleeves missing.